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August 20, 2007
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Unicorn entry - pencil wokr by maccarta Unicorn entry - pencil wokr by maccarta
This is the pencil work for my contest entry for :iconunicorn-club: 's contest for untraditional unicorn.

Used a referance --> [link]

That's not the final piece, I'm gonna colour it digitaly some time soon :) I hope you like it.

The species is called Norht small-wing unicorn. The legend behind this species is that a pegusus named Runupi , the leader Norht small-wing unicorn, wanted to be a unicorn besides pegusus. He found the horse creator Agarmen and asked him to give him a magic horn. Agamen said he cannot give him a magical horn because Runipi had not earned it. Runupi said he's the leader of a great species and has won many battles. He said if Agarmen cannot see Runupi's greatnes he doesn't deserve to be the creator of all horses. Agarmen was so angry with Runupi that gave him a magical horn but took away his enormous wings and made them small , to hang above his back and remind him that he can no longer fly. Ararmen said that winning many battles doesn't make you worthy of a great gift , but beeing smart, kind , generous and all the other good things. Runupi apologized for his words and asked to be changed back but Agarmen didn't forgive his impetinence and made left him and all his children to be the way they were.
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alg1234 Dec 26, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know it was a WHILE ago, but did you win?
devilbloody Aug 21, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
COOOOOOLLLL!!!! Cialoto na raka li si go pravila??? Shtoto e super qko i mn mi haresvat tezii, deto sa kato tatoos!! Super dobro e!! I as ega rabota tuka varhu edin grafit ama shte skeniram si4ko kato se pribera v Sofia. Baten, super qko e!!! Go on!!
Yep na raka, Thanx! :hug: :D Nqmam tarpenie da vidq ;)
Rackzoo Aug 20, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool :) and some very nice shading there.
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